Key Plans: Price list and terms

The product: the Key Plan

For a commercial cluster, each Key Plan (the "product") corresponds to a "parcel" consisting of:

  • a tear-proof map in A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, 2A0, 3A0 format (depending on the size of the cluster),
  • a high-resolution PDF vector file,
  • an explanatory index card.

Key Plans are on a scale of 1 to 1,000 for city centres and of 1 to 3,000 for retail areas.

Key Plans Updates

Each Key Plan is dated. The date is displayed on the product sheet of the Key Plan. This date corresponds to the last available census of the cluster carried out by Codata.

It should be noted that no update will be provided after the purchase of a Key Plan. Should data of a Key Plan purchased by a client change within thirty days after the purchase and the payment, the client may request a new version of the PDF vector file - without additional charges. The client has 60 days to make this request. If need be, Codata will wait before the printed version of the Key Plan on tear-proof medium is sent. 

Price, payment and invoicing

The price of each Key Plan is fixed and set according to the size of the cluster.


Payment can be made:

  • Online thanks to the secured solution KBC/Ingenico. In that case, the order will be automatically validated, when the payment is received. The website Codata Key Plans does not save any information on a payment card. Payment information is solely managed by KBC/Ingenico.
  • By bank transfer. In that case, a longer delivery period can be expected, because the order will only be validated after receipt of the payment on Codata Services bank account.


  • If payment is made by banker's card, the invoice is issued online as soon as payment is validated. Invoices can be downloaded from the user account of the client (secured by a login and a password).
  • If payment is made by bank transfer, the invoice is issued as soon as payment is received on Codata Services bank account. The invoice is sent to the client on his user account (secured by a login and a password).

Application of VAT

VAT Invoicing (0%)

  • For professional EU clients (outside Belgium and delivery outside Belgium) duly registered for VAT, the website Codata Key Plans allows the registration and the controlling of the intra-community VAT number. This allows an intracom VAT invoice (0%).
  • For professional clients outside the EU, the invoice will be issued with a VAT rate of 0%. However, the client will have to pay customs duties of his own country.

Belgian VAT Invoicing (21%)

  • For Belgian professional clients that have a VAT registered number in Belgium
  • For non-professional clients of all countries

Key Plans delivery

There are two delivery phases after payment has been received, either by banker's card (immediate start of the delivery) or by bank transfer (delayed start of the delivery)

  • Codata provides the client with a link to download the PDF vector file within the 2 business days following the date of receipt of payment
  • The tear-proof map is sent to the delivery address within the 3 weeks following the date of receipt of payment. The delivery address is provided by the client in his client account on the website Codata Key Plans.