About Key Plans

Codata KeyPlansA Codata Key Plan is a detailed map at the cadastral level of a commercial cluster (city centre, retail area or shopping centre). A precise survey of all shops allows the understanding of the general organisation of the cluster.

On the cadastral map, the names of the listed shops are marked in each parcel. Furthermore, detailed information on the urban fabric is given (pedestrian streets, traffic direction, bus or tram lanes, car parks...)

The Key Plan of a commercial cluster also includes the detailed maps of shopping centres, outlet centres, retail parks and sites of type train stations/airports located in the cluster perimeter.

Key Plans are on a scale of 1 to 1,000 for city centres and of 1 to 3,000 for retail areas.

The size of a Key Plan depends on the size of the represented cluster. Standard formats are A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, 2A0, 3A0 or a multiple of these formats.

Each Key Plan is delivered as a tear-proof map with an explanatory index card and with a file in PDF vector format for high definition.

Key Plans are always dated. The date corresponds to the last census carried out on the site by Codata teams. Earlier Key Plans are available on special request.


General features

Solutions for commercial real estate professionals
AvailabilityOnline order
Deliverablefor each cluster, a "Parcel" Tear-proof map + Index card + HD PDF file

Legal and financial aspects

Data ownershipCodata
Data reproduction rights
  • General terms: Unauthorised
  • Specific terms: Authorised for extra fees (50% of the set price)
ContractLicence to use
PricesSet price by file

Type of available data

Cadastre of Retail Locations
Identification of the occupier (or occupiers) of each parcel
Features of the commercial Cluster
List of sites associated to the commercial Cluster
List of projects associated to the commercial Cluster
Data updateData corresponding to the last Codata census on the site

Technical solution

Access to information / Data format
  • Tear-proof map, printed on a PVC canvas cover matching the following standards: ISO 13934-1:1999, ISO 13937-2:2000, ISO 2411:1991, DIN 53351
  • Maps in PDF vector format (high-resolution)
  • Site Index Card in PDF format
Type of geographical data
  • Locations georeferenced by a point in the middle of the main front of the location
  • Sites delimited by a polygon
  • Additional information : road network, pedestrian precincts, points of interest, cadastral parcel maps etc. Map key shopping street Site available here and map key Retail Areas here.